With Metrics That Motivate, we help leaders in a range of organizations,
build productivity and repeat business by encouraging people to make sustained improvements with positive measurements and scoreboards!

 The Start of the System

For years, Dru Scott helped corporations in the US and Europe by consulting and training in how to deliver blue-ribbon customer satisfaction. Then she discovered a more time-effective way to train and encourage on-going improvements. It's by using the right measurements and team scoreboards and by giving work "sport's appeal." All these build teamwork, add motivation, and spark innovation for long-term improvements in customer satisfaction, repeat business, and growth. When she married Bert Decker, a widower with three teenagers, she discovered that scoreboards could even help a blended family get on the right track.

"We measure everything."...Charles Schwab


 The Benefits

Now she helps leaders save time and money by building training into the process.

"I know of no one in the world who does a better job of training than Dru Scott."

...Peter F. Drucker


The right measurements
and scoreboards help you:

• Multiply leadership time.

• Help individual contributors be self-starters.

• Spark innovation from top to bottom.

• Build teamwork.

• Cut burnout in leaders, managers, and employees.

• Answer the gnawing question: “How are we doing?”

• Shorten meetings and make them more effective.

• Increase repeat business with your ideal customers.


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